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With the recent events surrounding COVID-19 throughout the world, documentation and registrations of visitors to your business has never been so important. We felt the methods of data collection were a little ‘behind the times’, so set about creating and rolling-out our own Track & Trace system, which can integrate with multiple areas of technology within your business.

Our GDPR-Compliant system records & stores all registrations of new visitors to your business, automatically uploaded to the UK Government’s platform for submitting visitor details.

Tailored for your Business

Our system can be fully customised to meet your requirements. This includes your logo & business name on all screens, and any specific questions & requirements.

Automatic Submission

Our system seamlessly uploads all submissions to the Government register, saving you time.


What’s the point of having visitors sign-in with a pen & paper in times like this? Let’s minimise any point of transmission – being mobile & tablet-based, visitors won’t be touching anything unnecessarily.

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