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In terms of collaboration software for businesses, Microsoft Teams is certainly a hugely popular choice amongst businesses worldwide – however its voice feature has been poorly served. Microsoft’s own roster of calling plans don’t serve what businesses require, and we’ve been hearing it a lot from our customers.

This is why we’ve adapted our communicator to accommodate full integration of Microsoft Teams for our customers, at no extra monthly charge. The new integrative features include enhanced flexibility & robustness, call recording with PCI-compliant options, international numbering, call routing and so much more. Since launching the new integration update, our customers have all voiced their approval and are now benefitting from fully-fledged voice services over Microsoft Teams – contrary to their experiences before of unfit direct routing, low technical intelligence & resilience.

Improves Collaboration

Schedule online meetings, live-chat with colleagues, and have an overall easy-flowing communication line between staff and customers – without voice connection problems, jittering or distortion.

Feature Rich

You’ll still have all of the amazing features our communicator platform has to offer, but now with the added extra of seamless Teams integration, making, receiving and transferring calls on audio or meeting setup can be done seamlessly.

Customisation & Integration

Integrating Teams with the Ayo communicator allows for even more integrations to help support & grow your business, without the hassle of using a badly served voice add-on.

If you’re frustrated with how voice-over-teams is serving you, let us know your details below and we’ll be in touch to discuss further.