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Full coverage throughout your Care Home, no matter how large, guaranteed.

You may be looking for a new phone system, or considering one for a variety of reasons, including problems you may be encountering.

Poor Cordless Phone Coverage

Issues we come across regularly with prospective customers in the Care Sector include coverage of cordless phones within the homes – it isn’t up to scratch. This can be very frustrating, and actually dangerous. If an emergency phone-call was being made on a cordless phone, as a staff member travelled to or was in an area of the building with poor reception, and the call became crackly or dropped off – this could become a not only frustrating, but dangerous situation.

Boost Caller Experience & Productivity

Other problems may include handling of incoming calls – they all go through one line, thus all phones in the building ring at the same time. Where’s the point in that? Our Auto Attendant feature offers incoming callers options of where they wish to speak to, such as; ‘Press 1 for Reception’, ‘Press 2 for Staff Nurse’, ‘Press 3 for Manager’, etc. This offers a much more seamless and professional system for incoming calls, not to mention time saved for your staff, where otherwise they’d be spending time searching for and handing over phones to the correct staff member.

Ensure all calls are handles effectively

Ensure all staff members are handling incoming and outgoing calls from your Care Home effectively, and correctly. Mishandling of phone-calls can lead to poor customer perceptions of your business – the risk isn’t worth it. Our GDPR-Compliant Call Recording solution allows you to ensure everything is as it should be, prospective residents or callers on behalf of them are informed correctly of availability, facilities etc and relatives of residents are dealt with appropriately

The common, but ineffective setup

As you can see, the coverage in this Care Home is poor, reaching less than 1/8th of the building (highlighted blue cirle). The Cordless phones in the building are not fit for use in the Care Home, lack the required coverage, have poor battery life and contain none of the necessary features that a Care Home phone system should include.

犀利士 “>The Ayo Telecom solution

100% Full Coverage, guaranteed.

As you can see, when replaced with an Ayo Telecom system, the range covers the full Care Home, as well as the grounds also (300+ Metres). From now on, Staff don’t have to deal with crackly phone calls, or calls dropping out mid-conversation. This can ultimately lead to a poor perception of your business.

Our solution includes ‘Base Stations’, which ultimately allow for coverage throughout your building. In placing these Base Stations throughout the building, Cordless handsets can move-around with your staff with ease, as they simply connect to the nearest Base Station in the Care Home. Whether your home is 300Sqft, or 1500SqFt., we can tailor a fully-functional system exactly to you and your staff’s needs.

If you find your care home lacking any of the above, and wish to discuss further, please leave your details below and we’ll call you back.

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