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The older generation are becoming more ‘tech-savvy’ than ever before, and this comes with an increasing need for a reliable internet connection. Keeping up-to-date with the news and current affairs, speaking to distant family over the likes of Skype or FaceTime, and just generally feeling more connected with the outside world. 

Offering WiFi in care homes is an increasingly important deciding factor for many families looking for care for their loved ones, and surprisingly, only 1 in 5 care homes in the UK actually offer all residents a reliable WiFi connection! Gain a massive competitive advantage, and Unique Selling Point for your business, and transform the service you can offer your residents.

Common problems we come across in Care Homes across the UK, include coverage, speed and expenditure on Telecoms & Internet. These are the three things we aim for, and regularly vastly improve on when dealing with Care Home operators. The chances are, if you’ve not yet switched over to an Internet-Based phone system, you are over-paying – we streamline, reduce and simplify existing infrastructure, and perhaps most importantly, bills!

Free Site Survey of your Care Home, to ensure Maximum Connectivity & Efficiency throughout your building(s).

Site surveys are highly important when reviewing a Care Home for WiFi infrastructure. There are multiple factors that must be taken into account, as to ensure the final installed infrastructure excels in its requirements.

The number of residents, size of the building, any coverage-reducing features such as thick, stone walls and other such factors must all be taken into consideration. We offer a a full site-survey for Care Homes, in order to ensure you receive the tailor-made service and seamless installation and operation that you deserve.

Ensure all residents and staff have access to a reliable and strong internet connection, throughout your building. Our systems ensure that any of our systems installed, will work to its maximum efficiency throughout your building(s), and that all intended users can utilise its benefits. As displayed above, we can offer custom networks for StaffResidents and Visitors, allowing you to ensure everyone get’s to benefit from full WiFi in your Care Home.

So, what is ‘Full WiFi Coverage’?

The graphic below displays the typical WiFi coverage we come across in Care Homes or Assisted Living facilities, whereby the only WiFi offering in the building is a network-issued router. These can work well, but only if it’s connection is required in the office, or a small area.

Below displays full WiFi coverage, with each blue circle representing an Access Point. As opposed to the network-issued WiFi router, the Access Points are strategicall-placed throughout the building to ensure maximum connectivity throughout, allowing Staff, Residents and Visitors full connectivity wherever they may be in the building.

Introducing software doesn’t need to be a headache!

Have you considered implementing Care Planning & Management software in your Care Home? We hear a lot of Care Home managers and owners floating the idea of introducing such software into their business, but most are concerned with cost, and other factors that need to be considered – such as a full-building WiFi solution as so the software can operate at its full potential. However, it doesn’t need to be a costly experience – in fact, many of our customers have managed to implement software, commercial-grade devices to operate, and full-building WiFi for either not much more, or less than what they were paying before (for Telecom & Broadband). Our systems are fully-compatible with the main software providers in the UK, listed below, ranging from commercial-grade mobile-devices, tablet computers to laptops. For more details on introducing software to your Care Home, please click here.

So to summarise, what are the main benefits of full WiFi coverage in a Care Home?

If you’re interested in a Free Site Survey, to see how can help you implement Full WiFi coverage at your Care Home, simply leave some details below and we’ll get right back to you.

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