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Improve customer service, efficiency and success of your dental practice.

‘Rinse out’ the costs of communications with Ayo Telecom.

Having an inefficient and ineffective communications system within a Dental Practice can cause frustration for patients, suppliers and staff – ultimately affecting their perception of the practice as a whole….not to mention, expensive, with minimal or zero ROI.

For any dentist, your phone system is critical to winning and retaining patients. Most patients’ encounters with dental offices start with a phone call. You don’t want your patients’ first experience to be a busy signal or a voicemail box. 

Communications are worth future-proofing. 

Similar to our own personal phones, dental practice phones are now smart. Like, really smart — as in, you can have all of a patient’s information at your fingertips before even answering! But, like with all things tech related, with more features come more terminology. And, unfortunately, it’s not always easy to see how such things help your practice. Sure, phones still have call waiting, hold music, and multiple lines. When researching new phones, these are the things you likely already know and/or use. 

But how about auto-attendants, dial plan editors, and custom greetings? These features can all make life easier for your team, give a more enjoyable experience to patients, and even help you schedule more treatment. This, despite sounding like little more than techie jargon.

Here’s an example of our Practice SMS system, where text messages (or WhatsApp), are automatically distributed to patients, in the form of reminders, updates, or other important information you’d like to make them aware of.

Imagine knowing who’s calling, and have all their information in front of you, before you even pick up the call……well, that’s exactly what we can do! Our systems link directly with your existing Practice Management Software. Know who’s calling, and add that extra degree of customer service by answering customers by their name.

Our systems are fully-compatible with most software in Dental practices, including the following:

If you find your practice lacking any of the above, and wish to discuss further, please leave your details below and we’ll call you back.