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ISDN is essentially the network that’s in place to carry telephone calls when you talk, and data for using the internet. The infrastructure behind this is, in essence, the same as what it was when first introduced in the 1800’s! Long due a change then, eh? The problem with such an antiquated network still operating today, is that it’s very costly to maintain, and these costs are always rising, thus it makes sense to switch onto something new. This is where the switch-off comes in.

BT, who runs the network across the UK, is switching their network to be IP-Based. You may recognise this acronym, having seen the likes of VOIP, or SIP before. Rather than having an old connection that carries both voice and data, it’ll be a fast data connection, which also carries voice calling.

The change will allow businesses a lot of additional options when it comes to voice calling, but nothing too major needs to be done. The phones are all relatively similar, and of course work in the same way. However, you may wish to look at upgrading your system for future-proofing, and to unlock a variety of very useful features IP-based phone systems come with to help your business.