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Good communication is at the core of any successful hotel, whether they be a large group, down to a BnB, they all have the daily customer wishes and requests to deal with, whilst managing and ensuring staff are working efficiently.

There’s a couple of things you may want to consider before deciding which system is best for you;

Reception Phones

Feature-rich and full of functionality, improving operations, and allowing staff to spend less time on the phone, and more time maximising customer experiences.

Guest Room Phones

Durable, easy to use and relatively basic functionality, due to the fact the features you’ll be using at reception and elsewhere won’t be required by guests.

Other Phones

Phones for staff throughout the building are also just as important, such as cleaning and maintenance. Direct dial numbers, such as ‘123’ can be programmed to go from reception & rooms, directly to the department required, such as cleaning or room service. Our Full Cordless coverage package allows cordless handsets to roam building(s) without ever going out of range, meaning you’ll never find yourself chasing down certain staff members, they’re just a click away!

Call Recording

Ensure all correspondence between your staff and customers is positive. With all incoming and outgoing calls recorded (GDPR Compliant), you can monitor and review dealings with customers, and help your staff improve their handling.

Call Logging

Missed calls regularly mean missed opportunities – let that be a thing of the past! Missed calls can easily happen, but following-up quickly and efficiently can turn into a positive experience for the enquiring customer, and you. Our system offers instant notifications when calls are missed, allowing staff to deal with them quickly.

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Call Waiting

No one likes to hear engaged tones when calling, especially customers and prospective customers calling your hotel. Ensure all calls are handled properly. Our system will automatically greet new callers, and explain that you’ll be with them very soon. The option of music on-hold, or pre-recorded marketing or announcements are also available.

Call Transfer

Ensure all incoming calls can speak to exactly who they need to, quickly. With the press of one button, callers can immediately be transferred to a hotel room they wish to speak to, or another area of your hotel. Call transfer will work to any handset within the building, desk phone, fixed or cordless.

Full Cordless Coverage

Standard DECT handsets, and base stations are 9/10 times not appropriate for commercial use – especially that of hotels. Our Full Cordless offering includes cell-stations throughout your building(s), ensuring all cordless handsets can travel anywhere on-site, and not experience call crackling or drop-outs.

Auto Attendant

Ensure calls are directed to where they need to be automatically, with Auto Attendant. All incoming calls will have a brief menu explained, whereby they can select ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, for example, to get to reception, the bar, or a specific room – allowing your staff at reception more time to do what they do best.

So, what exactly is full Cordless Coverage?

In the situation above, a manufacturer-issued base station/docking station and cordless phone are based at reception/front door of the building. This setup means the phone will have a range of around 10-15 metres maximum, from where the base station is located. When trying to use the cordless phone out-with this area, such as the restaurant (top), bar (left), or staff room (bottom right), coverage will become crackly, and ultimately drop-out.

In this situation, we’d install cell-stations throughout the building, strategically-placed to ensure maximum cordless phone coverage throughout the building. In placing the cell stations in these areas, the range for each is between 50-150 metres, and as the cordless phone travels around the building, it connects to the nearest available one – meaning full cordless phone coverage, at any point throughout your building(s).

If you’d like a chat to discuss how Ayo can help your hotel’s communications, leave your details below and we’ll call you back.

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