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Demand for WiFi is ever-increasing with hotel guests, of all ages. Outdated systems & networks for WiFi in hotels has led to a drop in their reliability, and ultimately guest experience. But it’s actually a surprisingly simple process of reviewing & upgrading this – even more surprisingly it can be cost-effective with Ayo Streamline.

Furthermore, Guest’s uses of WiFi has changed significantly, even over the past decade. At one point their requirements used to be simply downloading emails, and general light browsing of the internet – now most want to be able to stream videos or movies, on the likes of Netflix, or even Live Sports. In considering a new WiFi system for your hotel, the kit itself is not just the most important, but how the devices in your building are structured, and planned-out can have just as much influence on variables such as speed & bandwidth than a good, solid network. This is where our Free Site Survey comes in.

What are the benefits of having full WiFi coverage in your hotel?

What are the common problems of WiFi in hotels?

As you can see above, the router issued by a broadband provider in the UK is only reaching a small area of the hotel (around the office). This is clearly insufficient in providing fully-fledged WiFi access for guests.

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