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Our Business Phone systems unify all of your communications, allowing you to boost productivity, efficiency, and profitability!

Tailored Business Phones

Our Business Phone packages are tailored to your business. We review your current outgoings, equipment, tariff & usage, and tailor a package just right for where you’re wanting to go.

Call Recording

Do you save important emails? Why not calls too!? Have a full archive of all inbound & outbound calls to your business.

Customer Record Pop-Up

As known customers or contacts call your business, their profile or customer record ‘pops-up’ on-screen. You’ll know who’s calling, and everything about them before you even pick up the phone!

Call Waiting

Don’t lose out on valuable enquiries to your business – this could result in missed opportunities, and ultimately revenue! If calls come in and you’re busy, the caller will be greeted automatically, and informed you’ll be with them soon. As they wait, you can play on-hold music, or periodically play a message.

24/7 Support

Best of all? We offer 24/7 support as part of our packages for our customers. We understand communications in business never really stop, so why should the support for it? If you ever experience network or hardware problems, we’ll be right on-hand to help resolve them for you.

Boost Customer Service

With all of these features combined, watch as your Customer Service improves drastically. Seamless & Efficient communications are key to the success of any business.

You should never understate the value to your business of having a perfect phone system that works seamlessly and fits all of your business needs. Regardless of what sector your business may be in, having the latest technology is vital for the success and sustainability of your business and can often be a source of competitive advantage over your competitors. In this day and age, it is important for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to have the latest technology available, particularly if they want to compete with the bigger players in the market.

Here are some problems our customers voice with their businesses phone systems..

“Our employees are always moaning that they can’t make outbound calls because there are no available lines!” – often when your business outgrows its current phone system. 

“Our customers are always complaining they can never get through to us because we are always on the phone!” – often very expensive to add extra lines to an outdated phone system. 

“Our employees are experiencing problems with the quality of the line” – often poor line quality with poor cordless phone coverage or slow broadband.

“Our employees often complain it’s not possible to work from remote locations because our phone system is based in our offices” – often a problem when businesses are still on outdated analogue line, coupled with an on-premises system.

Integrate everything! With our tailored packages, everything becomes integrated from the moment it’s installed! Full CRM integration allows Call Recording on all inbound and outbound calls, offers a customer record ‘pop-up’ for all inbound, allowing you to see all required details of the customer calling before you even pick up!

All of the problems highlighted above by our customers can be easily resolved with an Ayo system. We eradicate all of these problems with an internet-based phone system. On our specialised hybrid phone systems, adding lines has never been easier.

If your business is growing quickly and needing extra lines added quickly and cheaply, then an internet-based system is most suitable. What would likely be a lengthy and very expensive process on a traditional phone system, would be a simple and inexpensive process on an internet- based system. Furthermore, aside from adding additional lines to support your growth, we can support remote working with a hosted based phone system, introduce auto attendant and call queuing to prevent customers being met with engaged tones and finally, offer a super-fast fibre optic reliable broadband connection to ensure you never experience poor line quality again!

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