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We deal with nurseries on a regular basis, both for Telecoms, Internet and WiFi. Some of the more prominent problems we see nurseries experiencing on a regular basis, include:

-Slow internet connection

-Slow WiFi Connection

-WiFi coverage is poor, thus doesn’t work in some areas of the nursery.

How can a reliable WiFi connection help in your nursery?

-Increase productivity of Staff

-Boost efficiency and save Staff time

-Tablets/iPads can be used throughout your nursery (with Care Management Software)

As you can see above, this example shows a nursery with one of our Access points installed (top right). There are multiple other hubs throughout the nursery building, ensuring that there is 24/7, end-to-end coverage of WiFi throughout the nursery.

Furthermore, you may notice the Tablets & Phones being used, all equipped with Care Management software for Childcare. Beforehand, the nursery only had one router at the front door, which only served a reliable connection to the rooms in very close proximity. Having end-to-end WiFi coverage throughout your nursery, allows for easy implementation of such infrastructure.

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