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Why would your business needs Call Recording?

Of course, there is no harm with businesses adopting major changes to their operations as they seek to take advantage of new technological advancements, but business owners often overlook the smallest of ideas. Call recording, a simple addition to your business phone system, might not seem like a major ground sweeping change, but you cannot underestimate its utility. The benefits of call recording are endless. In this blog we aim to take you through the benefits of call recording and explain why it is paramount for your business.

Save important calls…You would save important emails, so there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do the same with your calls. Recording all of your calls allows staff to listen back to them as many times as they please, ensuring all important customer details are correctly noted down which could have otherwise been forgotten or lost in translation without call recording. Furthermore, call recording will allow your staff to make notes after the call has finished, allowing them to give their undivided attention to your customer, improving your customers overall experience. Read our blog here to see why call recording is specifically important for care homes.

Protect your business against disputes…Fraud against businesses is almost inevitable in this day and age. With Call Recording you can limit your liability and protect your business against any unwanted costly lawsuits. Call recording gives you a full record of every telephone conversation your business encounters, providing concrete evidence which can be produced in the event of any customer disputes, ultimately protecting your brand and business. Moreover, call recording can be a useful deterrent, protecting your staff from abuse.

For Staff Training and Customer Service – Call recording provides a fantastic opportunity to monitor and train your staff.

As a business owner, you will be able to monitor conversations between staff and your customers, allowing you to offer advice on how staff can improve their communication skills, whether that be tips on how to sell your products more effectively, or how to deal with customers more compassionately. Aside from being an effective method of training new and existing staff to boost sales, call recording will also improve the quality of your customer service. If staff are aware that all their calls are recorded, with the possibility they could be audited by a manager at a later date, staff will inevitably be more inclined to work to a higher standard.

Customer satisfaction – by maintaining a large selection of call recordings over a large time period, managers and owners are able to monitor customer satisfaction ratings over time. As everyone knows, high customer satisfaction levels are an integral part of customer retention. Call recording offers the perfect platform to measure key performance indicators and assess if targets are being met.

Legality – as long as your customers are aware that their calls could be getting recorded, call recording is completely legal. All of our business phone systems come with professional welcoming messages for your business as standard. In this message you can notify them their calls are being recorded, ensuring you meet all government guidelines and criteria. All of our systems are fully compliant with: MiFID II, Dodd Frank, and PCI.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, call recording should be used in each part of your business. Whether you wish to increase sales, boost revenue or enhance customer experience – call recording is one simple feature that can facilitate all of those. The benefits of call recording are endless.

Take your business into the new methods of commun犀利士 ication, and boost success! If you require more information, or would like a free consultation, let us know your details below and we’ll call you back.

Phone Systems for Hair Salons

‘CUT’ costs, boost customer service and revenue!

Boost the success of your Hair Salon with Ayo Telecom! Do you know how many calls do you miss per day? Never miss a call again, and help increase sales and total revenue. Our systems are tailored toward Hair Salons, with many benefits that can help increase your day-to-day operations, and ultimately success.

Did you know that missing just 4 Calls per day, could be losing your salon over £40k per year?…..

& that 68% of prospective clients won’t call back if their first call isn’t answered?

Daily Reporting

All incoming and outbound calls are reported and logged every day for you to see, along with call recordings. Ensure your staff are handling enquiries in the manner in which you’d like, and that all enquiries are answered and/or followed-up on

Grow Existing Client Base

Market your salon with cool, engaging material and promote it via CRM and Social Media tools we have on offer.

Instant SMS

Automatic text message to missed callers letting them know you’ll return the call as soon as you can. Don’t let them go to the competition! Also automatic text messages to clients confirming their appointment, & reminder text messages too!

Profesionally-recorded greeting

Your callers will never hear the engaged tone ever again. Callers are greeted by a professional welcome message, thus more inclined to stay on the line, or book online, according to your message.


Our mobile app communicator allows you to access your full phone system, straight from your mobile. Make outbound calls from your salon landline number, and receive in-bound calls also.

On-hold Marketing

On-hold marketing allows you to market extra services to your clients whilst they wait on the phone, rather than listening to that dreaded ringing tone, or worse – engaged tone! Music of your choice can be included also.

Call Recording

Ensure details of a call are never called into question, such as an appointment date or time, or an agreement with a supplier. You can also keep on-top of staff handling of phone-calls, and ensure good customer service levels are maintained.

Call Management/CRM Integration

Our systems integrate with most CRM & customer database systems…whether software-based or simply on a spreadsheet. As customers call-in, you can greet them by their name as it pops-up on-screen, along with extra details such as upcoming appointments.

Out-of-hours re-direct

Calls made after closing time can be greeted by a custom message, directing them to your website, or to another n犀利士 umber (such as your mobile). Ensure zero enquiries go un-missed, and maximise revenue!

All in-bound and out-bound calls are logged on our system, along with Call Recordings, allowing you to never miss an enquiry again! Ensure your staff handle customer enquiries as amazingly as they should, and turn every prospective client into a client!

American Express 2017, outline that 70% of consumers are willing to spend more money with a company that offers excellent customer service.

If you like what you see, and would like to chat further about how Ayo can help your Hair Salon, let us know your details below and we’ll call you back.

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