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Smart Buildings & IOT

Ayo Smart Building Technology

With the surge of demand for increases in efficiencies by developers and businesses themselves, carbon emission reductions, and wholly-unified workplaces, commercial buildings are fast-becoming more intelligent. Rather than just delivering technology to individuals/contents within a building, Smart Buildings have this technology embedded into their fabric. Developers and construction firms are fast becoming aware of this new state of affairs, and most are now implementing preparation for such technologies into their build specifications. The main four derived drivers of Smart Buildings include Technology, Integration, Flexibility and Longevity (Chinnelli, 2020).

The huge rise in Smart Buildings and Smart Technology implementation is driven by a variety of factors – these could be categorised by economic, technological, and energy efficiencies. For example, energy consumption of the building itself – with HVAC systems, heating, lighting and power usage is monitored and automated autonomously, ultimately helping to reduce both the carbon consumption of the building, cost of electricity and heating.

Ayo Smart Building

Each coloured dot can be matched with a use-case in the example environment above

Voice & Data



Building Mgt (BMS) ◉




Backbone/Supporting Infrastructure

A large driving factor of Smart Buildings of course comes down to rapid acceleration of new technologies – notably data cable. From the 1990’s data cable was used merely for data/connectivity transfer at rates of no more than 10mbps – we’re now at a point in time where data cables can achieve 1,000 x this speed, 15-20 X frequencies, and even power devices at the other end with the same cable. In the last 5 years, authorities have passed much higher powers (W/Watts) of data cable, opening the door for an even greater range of technology it can power. Thus, the evolution of the data cable, in terms of network capabilities and also improvements in power capabilities, has bridged a lot of the gaps that would have made today’s ‘Smart Building’ look an impossibility even 10 years ago.

As you may know, our Hosted Telecoms solutions can be powered by the network cable which serves them. Through use of PoE (Power Over Ethernet) fibre cabling throughout a building, combined with the systems mentioned above, examples such as office lighting can be powered and regulated by a central unit (in network cabinet), with the power consumption over PoE sitting at around 75% less than that of standard electrical cables, and the PoE-enabled lighting lasting 25 X longer than standard incandescent lighting (Primex, 2018).


However, in terms of existing commercial buildings where this smart technology is just as applicable and vital, there is still a huge lack of even basic fibre-optic or high-performance data cabling. Of course, it’s far more straightforward implementing such technology into a ‘new build’, than it is overhauling an existing building – but it can be done, with the correct survey, planning and experience. The problem for many is that given most buildings without such existing technology and structured cabling were built before much of this technology was ever a consideration, their construct and architecture is rarely forgiving or accommodative for such implementation – thus in-depth surveys (occasionally with the expertise of a QS if warranted), robust planning and some ultra-lateral thinking are some of the essential requirements when carrying out such a project. In terms of planning for both WLAN & LAN network, we’d carry out an on-site survey of the building to ascertain the general structure & architecture, from here we’d investigate the best placement and routes for cable runs & carry out network testing in order to achieve network heat maps to work from.

If you’d like to discuss Smart Building technology further, please find more information here.

How will Gigabit benefit your business?

Ayo Telecom is a full-fledged unified provider of Gigabit internet for businesses in the UK. We offer Gigabit solutions, from start to finish – from initial site surveys, installation & monthly hosting and billing from there on.

To explain some of the technical terms you may have seen when browsing up to now, such as ‘FTTC’, ‘FTTP’, ‘Leased Line’, ‘Gigabit’ etc it can understandably get a bit overwhelming….we’ll lay all of this out for you, and explain the multiple benefits of Gigabit internet for your business.

Most Gigabit offerings run on ‘fibre’ technology, across the fibre network. The main broadband providers in the UK typically provide homes and businesses with ‘FTTC‘, which is Fibre to the cabinet – in this situation, the fibre connection runs to the roadside cabinets and is then run into homes via a regular telephone connection. The other form of this is ‘FTTP‘, Fibre to the premises, whereby the fibre connection doesn’t stop at the cabinet, but is physically connected directly to the home/business premises. In this situation, speeds are no longer capped at around 100mbps, and can reach upward of 1Gbps.

What are the benefits?

Video Conferencing

Gigabit unlocks far quicker & clearer video conferencing capabilities. If you’ve struggled with Audio/Visual distortion, running concurrent calls in your office or other such frustrating & time-consuming issues – higher speeds & bandwidth eradicate these.

Boost productivity

Each minute an employee spends waiting for something to load is a minute paid by your business…and as more businesses implement further digitalisation deeper into their business, the cost of a poor internet connection gets even greater. Poor internet connections are responsible for 8% of employee time and inactivity each year (Accucode, 2019).

Reduced latency

Latency refers to how long it takes for a signal to travel to its destination and back. High latency can directly cause freezing and distortion of video calls, online streaming, and even general internet browsing.

Most Gigabit offerings run on ‘fibre’ technology, across the fibre network. The main broadband providers in the UK typically provide homes and businesses with ‘FTTC’, which is Fibre to the cabinet – in this situation, the fibre connection runs to the roadside cabinets and is then run into homes via a regular telephone connection. The other form of this is ‘FTTP’, Fibre to the premises, whereby the fibre connection doesn’t stop at the cabinet, but is physically connected directly to the home/business premises. In this situation, speeds are no longer capped at around 100mbps, and can reach upward of 1Gbps.

So, what is Gigabit internet, and how can it help my business? Gigabit is essentially the same as any other internet/broadband service – just a lot faster! As we move into a new age of technology, with more intensive use of the internet with the likes of VOIP phone calls, 4K video streaming and video conferencing, higher speeds & bandwidth become all the more necessary.

If you’re now considering implementing Gigabit to improve your day-to-day business operations, leave your details below and we’ll call you back!

The benefits of CTI for your business

If you’ve been considering reviewing your existing phone system or communications setup, you may be feeling overwhelmed by what seems a huge number of acronyms or abbreviations – ‘SIP’, ‘VOIP’, ‘CLI’, ‘DDI’ and now ‘CTI’. Hopefully this blog should break it down for you. CTI, or Computer Telephony Integration, combines telecommunications and computers – it comes as part of all Ayo’s phone system offerings. Thanks to the benefits of CTI, being limited to the use of the desk phone to make and receive calls is now a thing of the past.

In environments with heavy administration, or use of a computer, CTI becomes particularly useful. For example, in a GP Practice, or Dental Surgery, where reception staff are handling upward of 100 calls daily, whilst booking appointments on the computer, updating records, locating & informing of test results….working between a desk phone and managing the computer isn’t necessarily the most efficient setup. Using the Ayo desktop application, interlinked with the business phone system, staff can answer incoming calls, ‘click-to-dial’ numbers on-screen, transfer calls and more – all from their computer. In the time it takes to retrieve, manually dial, hold the receiver of a desk phone – all can be done without.

In 2021, as a general ‘rule of thumb’, when seeking a new Phone System for your business you should ensure it has a competent CTI offering. As demonstrated during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, seamless and confluent communications across all staff devices has never been more paramount – as we simply don’t know when we may have to work out of the office.

For Customer Service-facing roles, whether in a contact centre environment, or a reception, CTI becomes particularly useful in increasing operational efficiency and staff productivity. In a contact centre, for example, staff can receive calls through their desktop/laptop computer, with integrated soft-phones offering all expected features, such as: Answer, Hang up, Hold, Transfer, Mute, Conference Call etc, without the need to handle hardware such as a desk phone.

Another benefit is CRM-integration, whereby CTI ‘pops-up’ a brief record of the incoming caller’s details and other information for the call handler to view, meaning they won’t need to ask any unnecessary questions.

All-in-one Call Management

Call handlers, whether in a reception environment, contact centre or similar, can seamlessly place & receive calls directly through their workstation. All typical features, including answer, decline, transfer, hold, conference etc. are available.

Simpify Tasks – Boost efficiency

Many apps and software can integrate through the CTI system. Examples of integrative applications include the likes of Salesforce – where CRM information can be automatically inserted into the call flow. The caller’s information ‘pops-up’ on-screen for the call handler by seamlessly matching their credentials (Name, number etc.) with the existing information in the CRM. This allows the agent to view all customer information & history without having to spend time ‘catching up’ on it at the beginning of the call – saving valuable time. In one single feature, this increases the customer experience levels, satisfaction, whilst also boosting efficiency & productivity.

Instant Caller Records

The caller record ‘pop-up’ on the agents workstation gives all relevant information about the caller (name, number, email address, customer history etc.). The call handler can greet the customer or client by name (offering a more friendly caller experience) and have full access to all relevant information instantly. Again, this saves a lot of time in collecting details from the customer, cross-referencing, and potentially having the caller wait on hold whilst the agent checks.

Data-Driven monitoring of agents

With the benefits of GDPR-compliant call recording, live monitoring, managed call history (for managing missed/unhandled calls), manager’s can instantly understand the overall performance & efficiency of their team. As a data-driven feature, manager’s are automatically provided multiple pieces of data of which they can ultimately make decisions from – allowing them to specifically target areas of concern/improvement. This as a package ultimately ‘trickles down’ into better customer service & satisfaction ratings.

Data-Driven Call Routing

As CTI integrates with most CRM/Database services/software, by utilising data from business records or their CRM, calls are routed to the member of staff best-suited or qualified to handle the caller’s needs. Through use of automated, data-driven decisions, this feature directly increased the productivity and efficiency of the agent, and can reduce call waiting times for the caller – resulting in a more positive customer experience.

If you’d like to hear more about how CTI can help your business, please leave your details below and we’ll contact you.

Add a strong voice to Teams

In terms of collaboration software for businesses, Microsoft Teams is certainly a hugely popular choice amongst businesses worldwide – however its voice feature has been poorly served. Microsoft’s own roster of calling plans don’t serve what businesses require, and we’ve been hearing it a lot from our customers.

This is why we’ve adapted our communicator to accommodate full integration of Microsoft Teams for our customers, at no extra monthly charge. The new integrative features include enhanced flexibility & robustness, call recording with PCI-compliant options, international numbering, call routing and so much more. Since launching the new integration update, our customers have all voiced their approval and are now benefitting from fully-fledged voice services over Microsoft Teams – contrary to their experiences before of unfit direct routing, low technical intelligence & resilience.

Improves Collaboration

Schedule online meetings, live-chat with colleagues, and have an overall easy-flowing communication line between staff and customers – without voice connection problems, jittering or distortion.

Feature Rich

You’ll still have all of the amazing features our communicator platform has to offer, but now with the added extra of seamless Teams integration, making, receiving and transferring calls on audio or meeting setup can be done seamlessly.

Customisation & Integration

Integrating Teams with the Ayo communicator allows for even more integrations to help support & grow your business, without the hassle of using a badly served voice add-on.

If you’re frustrated with how voice-over-teams is serving you, let us know your details below and we’ll be in touch to discuss further.

Business Phones for GP Practices

Ensure your patients get to who they need to, when they need to.

Having an inefficient and ineffective communications offering within a GP Practice can cause frustration for patients, suppliers and sta犀利士 ff – ultimately affecting their perception of the practice as a whole….not to mention, expensive, with minimal or zero ROI.

So, what’s the benefits of an Ayo Telecom phone system for my practice?

Ayo Telecom offers full EMIS integration, to your existing system. All data from your existing system can be integrated and utilised with your new system – impress patients by knowing their name and information before you even pick up the phone! You can also dial directly from your EMIS system, without having to touch the desk-phone.

Inbound Calls

• When patients call you, the Ayo Telecom System automatically presents staff with the name and number of the patient calling. Previously, they would have to ask who the caller was, and manually search EMIS to check their identity. Now, all that information is one place, saving time in processing the call.

• Not only is their name & number presented on the desk phone and computer, the patient’s records pop-up on the computer screen, allowing the call operator to see all required details on appointments instantaneously.

• All calls are recorded, and stored for future reference & training. Have you ever had details of a phone-call called into question, or member of staff’s handling of the call complained about? All calls are available on the system for up to 90 days, in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Outbound Calls

• Features such as click-to-dial allow you to click any number on the screen of your computer, and instantly call the contact from your desk phone.

• All calls are recorded, and stored for future reference & training. Have you ever had details of a phone-call called into question, or member of staff’s handling of the call complained about? All calls are available on the system for up to 90 days, in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Call Recording

Ensure all calls to your GP Practice are pleasant, and satisfying for the patient. Do you save important eMails? Why not save phone-calls too!? Monitor and improve how your staff communicate with your patients

Auto Attendant

Deliver a message or information to your patients, before you even pick up the phone! Such as; ‘If you wish to make an appointment, please press 1, OR if you have an emergency, please dial 999 immediately’. This feature allows you to filter and organise your call traffic, and ensure patients know they are getting through to the right person.

Call Waiting

Instead of unappealing, frustrating ‘engaged tones’, when your operators are occupied, your patients will be automatically greeted, and then played an audio of your choice. This may be information about your practice, announcements or music.

If you find your GP practice lacking any of the above, and wish to discuss further, please leave your details below and we’ll call you back.

What’s the BT ISDN Switch-Off?

ISDN is essentially the network that’s in place to carry telephone calls when you talk, and data for using the internet. The infrastructure behind this is, in essence, the same as what it was when first introduced in the 1800’s! Long due a change then, eh? The problem with such an antiquated network still operating today, is that it’s very costly to maintain, and these costs are always rising, thus it makes sense to switch onto something new. This is where the switch-off comes in.

BT, who runs the network across the UK, is switching their network to be IP-Based. You may recognise this acronym, having seen the likes of VOIP, or SIP before. Rather than having an old connection that carries both voice and data, it’ll be a fast data connection, which also carries voice calling.

The change will allow businesses a lot of additional options when it comes to voice calling, but nothing too major needs to be done. The phones are all relatively similar, and of course work in the same way. However, you may wish to look at upgrading your system for future-proofing, and to unlock a variety of very useful features IP-based phone systems come with to help your business.

Dental Practice Telecoms

Improve customer service, efficiency and success of your dental practice.

‘Rinse out’ the costs of communications with Ayo Telecom.

Having an inefficient and ineffective communications system within a Dental Practice can cause frustration for patients, suppliers and staff – ultimately affecting their perception of the practice as a whole….not to mention, expensive, with minimal or zero ROI.

For any dentist, your phone system is critical to winning and retaining patients. Most patients’ encounters with dental offices start with a phone call. You don’t want your patients’ first experience to be a busy signal or a voicemail box. 

Communications are worth future-proofing. 

Similar to our own personal phones, dental practice phones are now smart. Like, really smart — as in, you can have all of a patient’s information at your fingertips before even answering! But, like with all things tech related, with more features come more terminology. And, unfortunately, it’s not always easy to see how such things help your practice. Sure, phones still have call waiting, hold music, and multiple lines. When researching new phones, these are the things you likely already know and/or use. 

But how about auto-attendants, dial plan editors, and custom greetings? These features can all make life easier for your team, give a more enjoyable experience to patients, and even help you schedule more treatment. This, despite sounding like little more than techie jargon.

Here’s an example of our Practice SMS system, where text messages (or WhatsApp), are automatically distributed to patients, in the form of reminders, updates, or other important information you’d like to make them aware of.

Imagine knowing who’s calling, and have all their information in front of you, before you even pick up the call……well, that’s exactly what we can do! Our systems link directly with your existing Practice Management Software. Know who’s calling, and add that extra degree of customer service by answering customers by their name.

Our systems are fully-compatible with most software in Dental practices, including the following:

If you find your practice lacking any of the above, and wish to discuss further, please leave your details below and we’ll call you back.

Why would your business needs Call Recording?

Of course, there is no harm with businesses adopting major changes to their operations as they seek to take advantage of new technological advancements, but business owners often overlook the smallest of ideas. Call recording, a simple addition to your business phone system, might not seem like a major ground sweeping change, but you cannot underestimate its utility. The benefits of call recording are endless. In this blog we aim to take you through the benefits of call recording and explain why it is paramount for your business.

Save important calls…You would save important emails, so there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do the same with your calls. Recording all of your calls allows staff to listen back to them as many times as they please, ensuring all important customer details are correctly noted down which could have otherwise been forgotten or lost in translation without call recording. Furthermore, call recording will allow your staff to make notes after the call has finished, allowing them to give their undivided attention to your customer, improving your customers overall experience. Read our blog here to see why call recording is specifically important for care homes.

Protect your business against disputes…Fraud against businesses is almost inevitable in this day and age. With Call Recording you can limit your liability and protect your business against any unwanted costly lawsuits. Call recording gives you a full record of every telephone conversation your business encounters, providing concrete evidence which can be produced in the event of any customer disputes, ultimately protecting your brand and business. Moreover, call recording can be a useful deterrent, protecting your staff from abuse.

For Staff Training and Customer Service – Call recording provides a fantastic opportunity to monitor and train your staff.

As a business owner, you will be able to monitor conversations between staff and your customers, allowing you to offer advice on how staff can improve their communication skills, whether that be tips on how to sell your products more effectively, or how to deal with customers more compassionately. Aside from being an effective method of training new and existing staff to boost sales, call recording will also improve the quality of your customer service. If staff are aware that all their calls are recorded, with the possibility they could be audited by a manager at a later date, staff will inevitably be more inclined to work to a higher standard.

Customer satisfaction – by maintaining a large selection of call recordings over a large time period, managers and owners are able to monitor customer satisfaction ratings over time. As everyone knows, high customer satisfaction levels are an integral part of customer retention. Call recording offers the perfect platform to measure key performance indicators and assess if targets are being met.

Legality – as long as your customers are aware that their calls could be getting recorded, call recording is completely legal. All of our business phone systems come with professional welcoming messages for your business as standard. In this message you can notify them their calls are being recorded, ensuring you meet all government guidelines and criteria. All of our systems are fully compliant with: MiFID II, Dodd Frank, and PCI.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, call recording should be used in each part of your business. Whether you wish to increase sales, boost revenue or enhance customer experience – call recording is one simple feature that can facilitate all of those. The benefits of call recording are endless.

Take your business into the new methods of commun犀利士 ication, and boost success! If you require more information, or would like a free consultation, let us know your details below and we’ll call you back.

Business Phones for Nurseries

Good communication within your nursery is key to its seamless operation. Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your existing phone system?;

-Engaged tones for incoming callers; parents, prospective clients or others, resulting in lost child placements or enquiries?

-Cordless phone coverage is poor, resulting in crackling or dropped calls when travelling throughout your building(s).

-You feel your staff could handle phonically in a better manner, so would like to review them on occasion.

Poor Cordless Phone coverage

In this example, there is one base station located at the entrance/reception area. This offers coverage into the office, laundry and toilet areas, but not much further. When the cordless handset (s) are taken out-with those areas, the connection drops significantly, ultimately resulting in calls breaking up, or dropping completely.

Excellent Cordless Phone Coverage

In this example, through the use of our ‘cell stations’, placed strategically throughout both floors of the building, optimal cordless phone coverage is achieved throughout, even out in the garden! We offer a free review of the site, and ensure all units will be placed & operating to their optimal level – as staff members travel throughout each floor, the cordless phone simply connects to the nearest cell station, offering a perfect connection everywhere.

So, what are some other benefits to my nursery?

Call Recording

Monitor and review incoming and outgoing calls, whenever you wish. Staff handling phone calls poorly can have a significantly negative effect of customer’s perception of your business – keeping on top of this now and then can ensure this doesn’t happen, and no opportunities威而鋼 are missed.

Call Waiting

How frustrating is it when you call somewhere, and are met with an engaged tone? This is now a thing of the past, when parents call your nursery, prospective parents or others, they are automatically greeted with a pre-recorded message, and informed you’ll be with them soon. Much better than being met with a tone, and cut-off, right?

Caller Notify

Know who’s calling, before you even pick up! Our systems fully integrate with most CRM/Database management systems, so when a known caller calls in, their record on your system pops-up on-screen too! Not only is this helpful from an efficiency & productivity point of view, but small elements such as greeting the caller by name can make all the difference.

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