Business Phones for GP Practices

Ensure your patients get through to who they need to, when they need to.

Having an inefficient and ineffective communications offering within a GP Practice can cause frustration for patients, suppliers and staff – ultimately affecting their perception of the practice as a whole….not to mention, expensive, with minimal or zero ROI.

? When did you last review your telephone system?

? Can you measure the performance of your telephone system?

? Would you like to be able to record conversations?

? Have you recently expanded your practice, but your telecoms system hasn’t?

威而鋼 r”>? How does your telecoms system perform in patient surveys


Ayo Telecom offers full EMIS integration, to your existing system. All data from your existing system can be integrated and utilised with your new system – impress patients by knowing their name and information before you even pick up the phone! You can also dial directly from your EMIS system, without having to touch the desk-phone.

When people call your surgery, Ayo Telecom automatically presents patient-facing staff with the patient record associated with the phone number as a pop up on their screen. Previously, they would have to ask who the caller was, and manually search EMIS to check their identity. Now, all that information is one place, saving time in processing the call.

How can we help your GP Practice?

Call Recording

Ensure all calls to your GP Practice are pleasant, and satisfying for the patient. Do you save important emails? Why not save phone-calls too! Monitor and improve how your staff communicate with your patients.

Auto Attendant

Deliver a message or information to your patients, before they even pick up the phone! Such as; ‘If you wish to make an appointment, please press 1, OR if you have an emergency, please dial 999 immediately’. This feature allows you to filter and organise your call traffic, and ensure patients know they are getting through to the right person.

Call Waiting

Instead of frustrating engaged tones, when your operators are occupied, your patients will be automatically greeted, and then played an audio of your choice. This may be information about your practice, announcements or music.